male / female

est DoB: 01 August 2021 
good with: cats, children
activity level: active - kitten 

Aaron (top) is slightly smaller than his sister, and has dark fur on his back and paws.  He is more timid than Ella, but loves to play with, run after, and play fight with her, making her mew constantly. He must miss his momma at night because he will come and crawl up on his foster snuggle in.

Ella is the lighter-coloured of the two kittens. She is braver than her brother and loves to eat - if Aaron doesn't finish his food, she will clean it up for him. She mews in the highest little pitch, is quick to purr and come over to get pet. Ella is still needy around naptime: she likes around 10 minutes of petting  and attention before she falls asleep if anyone is around. She is a bit of a disruptive "co-worker" who will mew at you and  nudge your hands if you're trying to read, look at your phone, ipad, etc. so that all attention is on her!

This pair does well with children and adults and would need to be adopted together as they are a bonded pair.  They would also probably do well with another calm, relaxed cat because they are so easy going.

Aaron 01.jpg
Ella 02.jpg