EDOB: April 19, 2020
Gender: Male
Good with: Cats and Dogs

Ace was surrendered to us on June 7, 2020 after his sibling passed away and no mom in sight. This beautiful boy is just 10 weeks old and loving his foster home! Ace is a total suck and loves to ride around on your shoulder to help you with any task you are doing. He will definitely be a backpack buddy in the future! Ace’s favourite thing is to cuddle up close to you, instantly purring to let you know he is comfortable and happy. He will let you know he is ready to snuggle with a little meow and will climb up onto your shoulder and start kneading. He is a typical kitten who entertains himself easily with any toy he finds, including strings on clothing. He is a high energy kitten who loves to play but also is happy to nap and cuddle with you anytime.

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