Wow!  I can't believe this gorgeous girl has been with us for an whole year!!

Chase and I are so in love with Myrra (formerly Emely).  She stole our hearts with her adorable (slightly grumpy) face, giant gentle paws, and sweet soul.

As the days go by I love watching her grow and become more comfortable, confident, and adventurous.  I think the house cat life is suiting her perfectly!

I'll be forever grateful to Last Chance Cat Ranch Lethbridge for helping us find the best kitty a girl could ask for!

- Emily S.

Dolly and Ivory have settled in so nicely to their new home. Right away it was clear that they both have such different personalities and liked different things. In so many ways, they are polar opposites, but they do love hanging out together!

Ivory is so playful and talkative. She is one of the loudest cats I've ever met, and she brings me so much joy. She does not like to be picked up, but loves to be pet and brushed. She loves toys, climbing in her cat tree, and following people around the house. She also LOVES catnip!

Dolly is such a sweet girl, and is probably the only cat in the world who gives 'hugs'. She loves to be held and cradled, and even nibbles your ear if you're lucky. She loves eating (especially wet food!) and chirps when she is being efd. She is sweet and gentle to everyone she meets.

These sweet angels have made such a difference in my life, and I feel so very grateful that I get to give them a happy home.

Thank you LCCR
- Shelby

Thought I’d show North as he was on intake. Scared, beat up, sick.... big ole Tom cheeks.

Look at what time and loads of love does for an otherwise forgotten and ignored cat! 


North is a prime example of the passion that runs through the veins of LCCR.


He "yells" for food and pets and gets a nightly case of the "zoomies" chasing after his mouses!


He is loved and content :-)

- Skye