I fell in love with Vinny volunteering at LCCR intake house.

The adoption process was quick and easy. I got to foster to adopt Vinny, making the transition easy knowing I could see how he did in my house before adopting him officially.

This sweet big guy is a momma's boy and a love bug. He's all snuggles. He's got a little sister now who he adores. The two are inseparable. They play and snuggle all day long. Vinny is thriving in his home and he's grown so much more confident in the year I have had him.

~Brie L.

Things are going amazingly well here, thank you for checking in!

Zeeta has made our house her home from the moment she got here haha. Very curious, explores everywhere, tons of energy, and is the sweetest little shadow cat who loves to cuddle!

We're truly so happy to have her, and she was definitely the perfect piece to fit into our family puzzle!!

Thank you so much again! I hope all is well at the LCCR!!

~Jennifer B.

We want to thank the Last Chance Cat Ranch so much for all the work that they do to help cats and kittens in our region! We recently adopted a kitten through them, and he has quickly become a beloved family member. The staff were very pleasant and professional and worked with us to pick the perfect kitten for our family.

While he was in foster care, the foster family made sure Remy was well prepared for life with a forever family, and as a result Remy quickly settled in our hone and became close friends with our older cat and has been great with our kids! We love Remy! Thank you!!


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