est DoB: July 2009
activity level: average
good with: children

Adora was a stray in Coaldale who came into our care when the person who was feeding her noticed she was injured.  It turned out she had a dislocated and fractured jaw and deep bite wounds under her chin, likely from a dog or coyote.

Adora underwent two surgeries to repair her jaw.  They were successful however, she will never be able to open her jaw very wide.  This doesn’t seem to bother her and she eats wet food slurries, meows for attention, loves getting pets and could still boss the other rescue cats around!

Now in a foster home as an only cat, she’s still the boss, keeping a close eye on her human to make sure there’s no slacking off while he works from home.

This big, long haired beauty is very friendly and loving and would do well as an only cat.

Adora 06.jpg