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est DoB: December 2017
energy level: average
good with: dogs, cats, older children

When Boots went into foster care she was absolutely terrified! Her fosters thought it would take months for her to transition but it only took a few short weeks for her sweet personality to come out. She is a petite little lady that looks much younger than she is just due to her size. She is a cuddly, sweet little girl who will sleep at her humans feet every night. She loves chin and bum scratches and starts purring as soon as you touch her. She loves her wet food and will often start eating straight out of the can if you take too long to mix her food and get it on the ground for her to eat. She loves treats and cat nip. Boots has the sweetest little meows when she wants to chat and also gets the cutest howls when she get zoomies at night or is trying to figure out where you are in the house. Boots is becoming a very curious girl who loves to explore all the nooks and crannies of the house. She also loves to look out the window and will run up to the window as soon as she hears the blinds open in the morning.

Boots would do well with dogs and friendly cats. She is a bit nervous with new humans but comes around really quickly once she realizes they are there to love her. She would do best in a quite home with no little hands to grab her but would probably be ok with older children.

Boots is an adult cat and is becoming more playful as she is getting more comfortable.

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