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Est. DoB: February 2019
Energy level: active
Good with: cats, children

Callista came to LCCR because one of our volunteers was in the right place at the right time. Our volunteer was at the vet, about to pick up one of our LCCR cats when a woman walked in, placed a cat carrier on the floor, and then left without saying a word. There was a note on the carrier that basically said "help this cat." We don't understand why someone would do this, but we're glad our volunteer was there to intervene and bring in the little kitty that was inside: Callista.

Callista was severely matted so she was shaved almost as soon as she arrived, and her new look made all of us giggle while simultaneously warming our hearts. She's now known as the kitty who has "the boots with the fur" and we can't get enough!

Callista is an absolute doll! She is so thrilled to see people every day and will will rub around the bottom of your legs and follow you everywhere if she feels you are a trusted person. She will quickly greet you upon arrival with her back arches engaged and ready for your pets. She likes to feel included and enjoys attention; snuggles, kisses, and purrs.

She may likely require annual grooming prior to summer, even with brushing; based on the thickness, length, and type of hair she has… but never fear, as you can tell, she looks so adorable in a lion cut! Her fur is super soft and it's hard to resist sinking your fingers into it while you nuzzle her face and call her a "little baby." She has the sweetest meow.

Callista doesn't mind being picked up and carried around. She is highly curious and will check out every nook and cranny she can get into. She's not a fan of closed doors and will sit and meow and paw at them to try and get inside.

Callista has a very sweet natured demeanour, and would do best with another cat of the same character, but would also be ok as an only pet; as long as she was get all the lovin’ and attention she needs from her people. She is also comfortable with older children and may be okay with younger children as well.

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