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Est. DoB: August 2015
Energy level: relaxed
Good with: some cats

This gorgeous black boy took up residence in a Coaldale back yard. He had mats right down to his skin, but now he's on the mend.

Hanson is a sweet boy who likes being around people. He's not always up for a cuddle but he does like to be wherever the people are. If you're doing paperwork he's the kind of cat who will happily sit right on top of your work and accept pets. He's a relaxed little man who occasionally likes to chase around a toy at the end of a string, or just the string itself.

Hanson seems to want to play with other cats but hasn't quite figured out how. He'll often smack another cat passing by, perhaps hoping to start a game of tag? He would do well in a home with another calm cat, or on his own with an attentive owner. He will also need to be brushed regularly to prevent future matting.

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