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est. DoB: September 2016
energy level: average - timid
good with: cats

LCCR Founder Elizabeth Ginn was feeding a family of homeless cats near her home, but when it came time for her to move, she couldn’t leave them behind, so Daniel, Habib, and Boubacar (adopted) came to live at LCCR. In the process of trapping these boys, more cats were rescued: Corleone, Kamala, and Thackery. Kamala is "mama" to all of the others.

Kamala is a gorgeous long haired tortie with wide eyes that take in your every move. Kamala is a gorgeous, gorgeous girl who likes the other cats and likes playing with the wand toys. She’s low key and doesn’t seem to cause fights with others. She has come a long way with being social with people. Kamala is a brave little girl who has started to come out of her shell. She watched closely this past summer and finally decided pets are for her! She will give the most polite little mrrpp when she wants them. Her fur is a soft cloud of fluff. She’s a calm cat and would do well in a house with other cats. She still keeps watch over her family, just like a good mama cat.

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