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Est DoB: 2010
Energy level: relaxed
Good with: cats

Poor Keeto was found frozen in the snow in Coaldale, nearly dead in February of 2018. He has a stubby little manx tail and his ears suffered some frostbite damage, leaving him with adorable-looking "kitten ears"!

Keeto is a shy little boy who is starting to realize being pet isn’t a bad thing. Our volunteers have learned that you have to approach him slowly and quietly as to not scare him. Keeto spent a while with a foster, and then came back to the intake house. Since his time back at the intake house, he has gradually warmed up to the volunteers, and has recently become accepting of pets in the last few months. He is still a bit wary if you approach him too quickly, but if you approach him slowly, he LOVES butt scratches and a good chin rub! He will chirp at you if you are petting him and you pull away before he's done with you! His favourite food is Almo chicken and green beans. He's also a vocal boy when it comes to treats and food. He likes to be in the presence of other kitties so he will need a home with other cats, preferably relaxed cats, because he's not one to play very much, and sometimes gets spooked by too much activity. For that reason as well, he needs a quiet home without loud children.

Keeto needs a wonderful human that will respect his boundaries and will be patient with him and preferably has one or more kitties that he can be friends with. He would do well in a quiet, patient home, where his personality can truly blossom!

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