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Est. DoB: April 2017
Energy level: average
Good with: TBD

Pablo Escobar was a local stray that was being fed by a residents. He came to the LCCR when they reached out for help because he had a large wound behind on ear. It turned out he had a massive ear mite infection and the wound was self inflicted. He had scratched his own head completely raw and the ear itself had become hardened.

After several weeks of constant care Pablo's wound healed up but his ear will always lay low on his head. Our sweet boy is in dire need of a home where he can be the only pet, or possibly in a home with a female cat. He is overwhelmed by the other male cats and really needs time and space to explore and come out of his shell.

Pablo has an adorable sing-song trilling meow that gets loud if he feels like he's being left out of the action. He loves to explore. He eats very well and loves treats of all kinds. When his bowl is empty you'll know because he will tell you all about it.

Pablo is a fairly independent cat but does enjoy being pet when he's feeling up to it. He loves toys and being near a window or in the catio.

This sweet boy will need an experienced cat owner who is willing to be patient with him as he adjusts to his new home and lets his true personality shine. We have a good feeling he's going to be a pretty chill dude.

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