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Est. DoB: January 2015
Energy level: relaxed
Good with: calm male cats

Skittles was found at a feeding station in Lethbridge, nearly frozen to death. Thankfully she was found and rushed to the vet for immediate care. Since her recovery she has been living the good life in a quiet foster home.

Skittles is a very gentle, quiet little lady who does not like loud noises. She is a very calm and reserved cat who rarely ever meows, but when she does it literally sounds like "me-ow." She does not like to be picked up but is a total love bug with the softest fur. She will make biscuits in your lap and loves to be kissed on the head and face. She loves to snuggle under the covers and will sleep with you up by your head or right on your pillow.

When it comes to mealtimes all those ladylike manners go out the window and Skittles will scarf her food like a dog, then lick her lips and saunter off like nothing happened. Skittles does great with calm male cats but does not like other females. She would not do well in a busy environment, but is best suited to a quiet home with one or two quiet people.

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