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Est. DoB: Apr 2019
Energy level: average
Good with: cats

This dapper boy in black and white was living under a lady's deck for a year before he came to LCCR. He had some facial abrasions and dirty paws, but mostly he was just a big scared kitty cat.

He was a little spicy to start, but he realized pretty quickly that the volunteers were determined to love him and show him nothing but safety and friendship. With diligent work on our part, Sumo started to relax. His hisses became half-hearted, and his swats became more like little love taps. And now he's a full-blown attention hog!

Since coming out of his shell, Sumo has revealed himself to be a very goofy and playful boy who has learned how AMAZING pets and being brushed are. He still startles easily so you'll need to go slow, but playtime is the way to his heart. Wand toys are his favourite. He is a ham and gets along fantastic with other cats.

This sweet boy with the white whiskers and frosted tip on one ear would do well in a family with other cats or as a solo boy who will soak up all the attention on his own.

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