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Est DoB: 2016
Energy level: average
Good with: cats

Tomtom was trapped out by the exhibition grounds by another organization. We originally thought he was the neighborhood cat. Turns out it wasn't that neighborhood cat, but a different cat. LCCR took him in the winter of 2019 and he has been a good friend to the cats in the house ever since.

He has always been a shy boy, and seems to go in phases. He is quite elusive in the spring/summer/early fall where he spends the majority of his time out in the catios, but when the weather turns cold, he starts coming inside for his food. He has gotten good at being around people (on his terms), and doesn't run from the volunteers like he used to! He's a sucker for food and treats. He likes to be around other kitties, and spends most of his time with others. Every now and again, volunteers have caught him playing with toys! He likes to people watch, and will watch you from a distance.

He will need to be adopted into a home with other cats, just to rely on them to have some extra confidence around people. Tomtom will also need a quieter home without noisy kids, so that he can get comfortable and hopefully break out of his shell some more!

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