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Est. DoB: June 2006
Energy level: relaxed
Good with: cats

Meet our favourite old man: Wilbur. This handsome man in a tuxedo is a big ol boy who loves to find the best places to lay down for a cuddle or a snooze. He's super soft, super chunky, and super cute.

Wilbur lost his home after his owner had to be hospitalized. No one would take him and he and his brother were scheduled to be euthanized. His brother was very ill and could not be saved, but the LCCR swooped in at the last second and saved Wilbur from the chopping block.

He may be old, but this big boy is a complete sweetie with lots of life left to live. He still likes to climb up high and look at the world from on top of a shelf or cat tree. He still likes to chase toys. He really does not act his age.

Wilbur was very strongly bonded to his brother. They lived their whole lives together, so Wilbur needs to go to a home with other cats so he can continue enjoying their company. We aren't sure how he feels about children or dogs.

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