est DoB: July 2017

good with: cats

energy level: average

Aero came in from Vauxhall on 21 October 2017 with his mother Godiva, and siblings Rolo, Reese, and Smartie who were all part of a colony that were saved from being poisoned.

Aero is really one of the most easy going, friendly, and gentle cats out there! He gets along with everyone and he loves to cuddle with both cats and humans.  He loves to lay on your lap to get pet while on his laying on his back and looking lovingly up at you.

Aero has a great personality and is a very fun. He loves to drink out of the tap and loves to investigate new things that you bring into the house. Aero is really the most perfect cat; he is affectionate but he also enjoys his independence, he is confident but passive, he is playful but also loves to relax. Aero doesn’t ask for anything and is very content with everything at all times, he is a wonderful boy! 

Aero also loves other cats. He will rub up against them to show his affection and you will often find him relaxing with a friend out in the catio when the weather is nice. He also loves to chase, play and wrestle with the other cats around the house before going for a nice nap, snuggled up with one of his friends.   Because of Aero's love of the other cats he would need to be adopted with one of his pals.

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