These cuties came in with their momma Gianna, from the west side of Lethbridge.

1 female, 2 male
est DoB: 21 April 2021
activity level: active - kitten
good with: cats, children, possibly dogs

Alice (f) ADOPTED

Buttons (f) ADOPTED

Gracie (f) ADOPTED

Jethro (m)
Jethro is a playful boy who enjoys wrestling with his siblings, but he also loves to cuddle.

Scarlett (f)
Scarlet is a grey-eyed beauty who is curious, loves to play with her siblings, and reall likes a good cuddle. 

Skittles (m)
Skittles is a very curious boy.  He is playful, energetic, and loves to cuddle.

Jethro 01.jpg
Scarlett 01.jpg
Skittles 01.jpg