EDOB: 2010

Gender: Female

Energy level: Average

Ally was found on an acreage and brought to the LCCR on August 2, 2017. She is a lovely black cat with beautiful golden eyes. Ally is a very sweet girl who has a wonderful personality; she loves to chat with you and has a deep raspy voice. Ally will let you know exactly when she's ready for a good cuddle when she rubs up against your leg. During her cuddles, she likes to be pet but loves her head rubs and will show you her appreciation with her nice loud purr! Ally is a healthy, playful girl who loves to play with her toys. She loves to catch and wrestle cat wand toys or toys filled with catnip, but she most of all loves chasing a laser pointer dot. Once she has had a good cuddle and play, Ally is an independent girl who loves to nap in the sunshine coming through the window.

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