female / male

est DoB: June 2015 / 2013

good with: cats

energy level: average / relaxed

Amelia came in as a 6 week old kitten from Stirling in July of 2015 with her 4 siblings. She used to be a shy cat but over time she has gained confidence in herself and now she doesn’t mind humans just as long as we respect her space. She is an independent and inquisitive girl who loves to watch you do things from a distance.

With the other cats she is a sassy and take-charge sort of girl who will show the other cat’s what’s what. Her very best friend in the world is Soren. You will more often than not find her cuddled up with him around the house. If he is napping somewhere, even in a small cat bed, Amelia will somehow sneak her way in beside him! When not busy cuddling, this fun girl loves to play. She is always one of the first cats to come running when you start playing with her toys. Amelia is very smart and when she was young she learned how to walk on the cat wheel. Once this girl has worn off some energy, she loves to lay on her back with her little paws curled resting on her belly and watch what’s happening around her. She also loves to sleep underneath blankets, and will nudge them with her head until she can tuck herself in for a nap. 

Soren was found as a kitten with his mom and siblings on the west side in 2013. He is a very social boy who loves attention from both humans and cats. Once he hears you come in the room, he leaps up and runs over to you to start rubbing himself all over your legs while chirping his high pitched little voice. Soren is super lovable and is always so very happy to be pet, he will raise his back as high as he can into your hand to get even inch of your love! When he isn't busy getting attention, Soren loves to play and doesn't matter what it is; laser pointer dot, catnip toys, even the cat tunnels themselves he will try to wrestle, anything is fun to play with in Soren's opinion! He is such a loving and accepting boy that even when one of the other cats comes over to show their dominance, Soren just thinks that they're playing and starts to play back at them. There's nothing more Soren loves than to finish his play time off with a delicious treat! 



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