est DoB: 2016

good with: cats

energy level: average

These two gorgeous boys have been living in a foster home, but their foster is moving and cannot take them.  We are looking for another foster or fur-ever home for them in the very near future!

Ammo came to LCCR on 22 January 2018. He is a very handsome gentleman with his white boots, white mustache, and black soul patch. Ammo is a very friendly, loving boy who seeks out human affection. He loves to be held in your arms, often reaching up for a hug and he will show his appreciation with his loud purr while he rubbing under your chin and giving you kisses. Ammo just loves your company! Cooking? He’s sitting beside you. Cleaning? He’s following you around. You get home? He immediately greets you from wherever he was just snoozing. Showering? He will sit right outside waiting for you to come out. And once it’s bed time, Ammo loves to cuddle and sleep beside you. He will be the best friend you have ever had! Ammo is very talkative and will let you know when he wants some company and he knows how to ask for help if something is not done to his standards. He loves to play and his favourite toys are his honeysuckle bags and catnip sticks, you will often find him in a ball on the floor holding and chewing on one!At heart, Ammo is a strong young fellow. He holds his own in any household and is generally unfazed by the likes of anything (except for dogs).


Mew was surrendered at the end of June 2018 through no fault of his own. He is very sweet and loving; he loves to be cuddled and pet especially on his head and cheeks. When getting attention Mew will flop over and roll on his back, enjoying every minute of it.  He is friendly and a great companion; he will talk and chatter to you! He is a laid-back and independent boy who likes to spend his afternoons watching the birds outside the window. Once he’s rested, Mew will play and wrestle with his toys filled with catnip, or his other cat pals.  Mew is patient and easygoing so he is great with kids, he will let them pet and hold him and then when he has had enough attention he lets them know simply by walking away and going back to his perch to relax.

Ammo (l) and Mew (r)

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