est DoB: 2012

good with: cats

energy level: relaxed

FeLeuk positive - click here for information about this virus

Amy was found very sick in a ditch outside of Coaldale in 2015. She loves being pet but she will wait for you to come to her. You can often see her little face peaking over top a cat bed watching you in hopes that you will notice her and give her some loving! Once you do start giving her pets and attention, she will show her love in return with her amazing, deep purr which you can hear from across the room! Some even say her purr sounds like a velociraptor from Jurassic Park!


Most of the afternoon Amy will spend relaxing in a cat bed or napping in the sunshine coming through the window. Once she has rested she will check if the other cats are sleeping and if they are, Amy is ready to play! She loves to scoot around trying to catch all the toy mice and strings. She will shoot out of a cat tunnel and pounce after her toys to then fling them up into the air. Amy also loves to play with her turbo scratcher and she will pounce and swat the ball round and round. She will entertain herself until she’s worn off her energy or until another cats comes along to steal her toys, then she will just strut herself over to another spot to relax.


Amy gets along great with other cats and really enjoys their company. Amy loved cuddling with her pal Jeremiah before his passing and she would give him a good grooming whenever he was near. She now enjoys the company of the other relaxed female cats at the rescue and she is quite content whenever one of them comes to lay close to her. 

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