EDOB: 2011

Gender: Female

Good with: Cats

Energy level: Relaxed

Annie is the sweetest girl who loves pets and head rubs. She will tell you exactly when she needs some love by gentling nudging your hand with her head and giving you a sweet look with her face. If you are busy around the house Annie will quietly follow you around, strutting her fancy fur suit, until you stop for a minute and she’ll sit next to you ready for some pets. She loves to sit with you on the couch either right beside you or on your lap if it’s free and will show her appreciation with her quiet, soft little purr. Annie loves attention and she is such a funny, sassy girl that if you stop petting her when she is still wanting love she will use her little paw to pull your hand 

back to her for more loving! Although she is affectionate and loving, she is also quite independent; Annie is the perfect balance! She is laid-back and easygoing so she will spend most of her day relaxing and doing her own thing around the house. The sweet girl never asks for anything except to get some loving! Annie does enjoy the occasional play with her toys. She loves to use her fluffy paws to bat at wand toys when you move them and if she catches the laser pointer dot she will try to pick up the dot of light and eat it!

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