EDOB: 2016

Gender: Male

Good with: Cats

Energy level: Relaxed

Armando was surrendered on May 27, 2018 through no fault of his own. He might be an American bobtail; he is a smaller sized cat and he has a natural short little tail. Armando may be small but he has the biggest heart. Armando is the most loving guy; he is very gentle and loves attention from humans. He will rub up against you to initiate some cuddles and Armando is so very affectionate that he will purr nonstop. While getting love, he always appreciates getting face and chin rubs and he loves to flop over onto his back to show off his little, fluffy belly for a quick belly rub. If its possible to sum up Armando into one word it would be: adorable. He is also a funny guy with quite the personality. It doesn’t matter where he is relaxing, he almost always has one of his legs hanging off to the side, as he walks around the house his little bunny tail bobs back and forth, and he often has a grumpy look on his face but he really is the sweetest, most content little cat. Armando is so sweet, he quickly steals the hearts of anyone that meets him. Armando is laid back and quiet, so he is not much of a ‘player’. He will occasionally find a catnip toy to wrestle and fling around for a few minutes, but then he’s back to his normal laid-back self. He is very happy to lay on the couch with you or relax outside in the catio. Armando’s favourite thing in the world really is being outside in the catio. He spends nearly all of his time out there chasing bugs, rolling in the leaves and napping in the sunshine. Armando would love to be adopted into a home that has an outdoor catio where he can continue his escapades. Armando gets along with other cats but he usually minds his own business and does his own thing anyways!

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