est DoB:  April 2018

good with: cats

energy level: average

Arya and Rickon were surrendered in June with their siblings: Robb, Bran and Sansa.


Arya loves to play and is a little huntress, she loves toys shaped like mice and anything that makes noise. Arya enjoys perching in windowsills and on peoples shoulders; she loves to wait at the door when you come home and sits expectantly until you bend down so she can jump on your shoulders and carry her around!


Rickon is a fun little girl who loves to play with Arya and she will also climb and play all over you! Once she has tired herself out, she is a sweet girl who likes to cuddle and loves nothing more than to sit and snuggle on your lap while you work away on the computer.


Both are great with other cats and love to cuddle and play with their other foster siblings.

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