DoB: 27 Aug 2020

good with: other cats, small dogs

energy level: active - kitten


Astra was born when his mom Celestia was in foster care.  He has five litter mates: Adhara, Draco, Nash, Nova, and Rigel... as well as two half-siblings Reggie and Veronica

Astra is the smallest of the kittens, but like his sister Nova, he has a big voice and knows how to use it.  Unlike Nova, he is not picky at all about what’s for dinner.

Astra likes to have fun, sometimes forgetting he is the smallest and jumps right into the wrestling match with his bigger siblings. He is not intimidated by anything despite his small size.

He loves to be held and petted and will curl up in a little ball and fall asleep in your hand. He can often be found curled up with Nova.

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