EDOB: April 2012    

Gender: Male

Good with: Cats

Energy level: Active

Austin was found outside on April 10, 2018 malnourished and with broken teeth. He has undergone and healed from his dental work and is a perfect mixture of sweet and fun! Austin is an affectionate boy who loves to be pet and will rub up against you to give you love. His very favourite is to get face rubs and you will see the love in his eyes. When not being loved on Austin loves to help you with chores around the house but he is more often off being an independent guy. He is great with other cats who are easygoing and will often snuggle up with one of his older friends for a nap. Austin is aged at approximately 6 years old because of the condition of his teeth however, he has a spirit of a kitten. He is always one of the first cats to come running when he hears the sound of a toy move. Doesn’t matter when kind of toy it is, he loves them all! He is always laser focused when playing and is always extremely proud of himself once he has caught the toy. Austin also loves to play with the other young cats and he will often be found chasing and wrestling his pals, Aero or Rolo. He is always the initiator of play time and if everyone else is sleeping he will search for somebody, anybody for that matter, that will play with him. After he has tired himself out, Austin loves to have a big plate of food and of course some treats! 

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