*Ava and Jordie are a bonded pair and must be adopted together

est DoB: 06 July 2021 
good with: children, cats
activity level: active-kitten

AVA  female - calico
Ava is curious with a quirky personality. She is adventurous, outgoing, playful, fearless, and likes to be different than the rest. She is very independent, loves to explore, and sometimes needs time away from her siblings to be on her own. She walks with a swagger in her step and in her personality. As soon as you open a door, she wants to know what’s behind it. She can be picky with her food, but not the humans she loves. She will make a great, spirited companion for an active, adoptive family.



JORDI  female - torti, orange patch on head
Jordi is the smallest kitten, but her torti-tude comes through when she wants it to. She was very timid at first, and still gets startled on occasion, but has settled in nicely.  She really loves to play and loves to cuddle, even though she is still a little shy. She loves spending time in the sun, laying next to her brother for warmth, and napping more than the rest of the bunch.


Ava 01.jpg
Jordi 01.jpg