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Meet Basil. To pronounce it properly, say it with an English accent. “Baah-zl” rather than "Bay-zl". She is a beautiful girl that came to us as her owner was renting, and unable to continue to keep her. She is currently in a foster home with other cats. She isn’t a lover of all the company, but she doesn’t lash out or attack. She will hiss to let them know they’re in her space and to give her room.


But she doesn't keep everyone at a distance. She LOVES people. She is an affectionate girl and loves pets and cuddles. She'll even curl up on top of you to take a nap. And if you aren't available for a snooze, she's perfectly content taking a nap in the sun.

Her foster also let us know that "she loves boxes, lovins, and scooping water up with her paw to drink it." How adorable is that??