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est DoB: 06 July 2021
energy level: active kittens
good with: children, cats

*Ava and Jordie are a bonded pair and must be adopted together

These two sisters came to LCCR when they were still in their mama's belly. She and the rest of the litter have all been adopted and now these bonded girls are looking for their forever home.

AVA (black and orange)
Ava is the curious, outgoing and protective cat. She loves to investigate everything new, and is always looking out for and taking care of her sister. She is very independent, but also very loving and cuddly. She will sit wrapped around your neck as you walk around the house just so she can see what’s going on. She’s super smart, loves attention and will always let you know when you are not giving enough by rubbing up against your leg with her tail. She is the boss of the two and loves snuggling with her sister when she chooses and also enjoys her alone time exploring and sometimes sleeping sitting up.

JORDI (black, white, and orange)
Jordi is the “little” sister of the two. She prefers to be around humans as much as she can and will follow you around the house just to be a part of the team. She loves all kinds of food and has a fascination for running water. She prefers to be comfortable in the house snuggling under blankets. She doesn’t love to be picked up, but she does love her cuddles on the couch or in bed. She is the chatty kitty of the bunch, loves to say hi and is very interactive and comfortable with new people.

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