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Est DoB: 25 October 2021
Energy level: active - kittens
Good with: children, cats, possibly dogs

These boys were rescued on the north side no mom to be found.

They have earned the nicknames Sugar and Spice from their fosters! They play hard, but also definitely value a good nap and cuddle! They have been eating well and are healthy little guys!

Fava is a big boy with an even bigger personality. He is noticeably the biggest of the brothers. He loves to play and cuddle, and is probably the silliest of the kittens. He is very goofy and adorable! He is spunky, curious, and likes to be the life of the party! He does not have one shy bone in his body and is the first to let you know when he enters a room. He loves cuddles and toys and playing with his brother. He's charming and so loving, which makes his wild and mischievous side even more endearing. He's not fond of other cats, mostly because he wants all the attention!

Tortellini is as sweet as they come. He can be shy at first and approaches with caution but he warms up quickly. You can often find him napping somewhere soft or playing chase with his big brother. He also likes being around his people and finding a warm lap to sit in. His easy going nature makes him so loveable, and boy is he handsome! Tortellini is the smallest and quietest of the bunch, but is getting more playful and cuddly as he gets used to his fosters. He does not mind playing on his own or with his brothers.

These boys would do best in a home with other cats or possibly a friendly dog.

The boys are a bonded, and quite the pair!

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