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Est. DoB: April 27, 2022
Activity level: Average
Good with: Kids, Cats

Glitch and Frisco were unfortunately surrendered due to their owners having some housing issues. They were surrendered along with Zillow.

Glitch and Frisco are two boys who are basically the same cat. They are the same Color with a couple of differences to tell them apart, but otherwise they are both super affectionate boys who love to play with anything they can find. Most of the time you will either find them sleeping on the back of the couch together or wrestling and running and playing. One of the only differences between the boys is that Glitch loves to talk, when you walk by him he will meow at you to try to get your attention and sometimes you can have a little conversation! Frisco is a big cuddler. Anytime his fosters are sitting down he will find his way over to them and fall asleep on their lap and when he can’t sit down on them he will find his brother and cuddle with him. They are constantly cuddling and tangled up together, it’s super cute! These boys are two very good boys who would do well in any home except for dogs but otherwise they are so chill and relaxed!

If you could give these boys a great home please fill out an adoption application or contact us for more information!

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