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est DoB: Aug 2017 / Aug 2018
good with: cats
energy level: average

Gold was rescued with her daughters (Silver and Bronze) from a colony living in Coaldale in January 2019. Gold was very nervous and scared initially but now she is a sweet and sassy girl! She loves attention and pets but on her own terms and she will show you she is ready for pets by rubbing up against your leg and looking up at you affectionately. If you approach her when she has better things to do, she will flip her fluffy tail and walk way, she is a funny girl! If you are relaxing on the couch she will often hop right up on your lap for some pets and cuddles. When not getting attention, Gold is fairly independent and will spend her day playing with her toys and relaxing with Bronze.

Initially, Bronze was very nervous of humans, but she has come a long way and now once she trusts you she loves pets. Bronze is very sweet and will watch you with cautious eyes as you approach her, but as soon as you give her a pet she melts into your hand. She loves to spend her afternoons relaxing with her mom while watching the birds outside the window but once she hears her toys jingle, Bronze is ready to play! She loves to swat and chase after jingle balls. Gold and Bronze would love to be adopted together.

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