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Est DoB: 15 September 2021
Energy level: active
Good with: cats, older children

Est DoB: 01 June 2022
Energy level: active - kittens
Good with: cats, older children

The finder of this little family spotted Graycie (still a kitten herself) and her five babies in, under, and around her shed in Fairmont. Graycie was very scared, but not aggressive, and had a pleading look in her eye when she was stroked or touched. All the kittens were adopted, except one. And there's a very good reason for that. Graycie and Rishi are literally inseparable! 99.9% of the time you will find them together, constantly cuddling and holding each other. It's sure to melt your heart.

When Graycie and her kittens went to their foster home, she was very shy, but within hours they could pet her and within days she was rubbing on their legs. Graycie is a very affectionate girl. She loves to sit with you any time she catches you in a chair. She is also a huge talker, if you want someone to keep you company she's your girl. Every time she sees you after any period of time could be a minute or a few hours she will greet you with chirps and meows because she’s just so happy to see you again! She's a very sweet special girl who needs a lot of time and patience but once she come out of her shell she’s the best cat ever.

Rishi was the shyest kitten out of the bunch but with the love of her foster family, she’s now a very affectionate and sweet kitten. She loves to sleep, it’s pretty well her favourite thing ever. She has got to be the chillest kitten you have ever seen! Rishi is alot like her mother. Lots of spunk just in a smaller scale! She’s the shyer one out of the two but she still likes to cuddle and hang out with you but on her terms! She loves to come sneak up when she thinks you are not looking and she will tuck herself right into your lap and will fall asleep. Rishi has lots of energy, she is often zooming all around the house and sometimes even jumping off her mom! She’s a crazy girl but when all the craziness runs out she is super sweet!

This little duo would do well in a home with someone who has the time to cuddle and play with and give them lots of affection. They have so much love to give back!

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