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MARTY (black and white)
Est. DoB: August 2017
Energy level: active
Good with: cats, dogs, children

TOMAS (orange)
Est. DoB: November 2016
Energy level: TBD
Good with: cats, dogs

Marty and Tomas were returned to LCCR a few years after they were adopted because their owner had serious health issues and was not able to care for them.

Tomas is an incredibly affectionate cat who loves everyone. He will greet you as soon as you come into the room. If you're in the kitchen he will hop up onto the counter and rub all over you. He loves to rub his face on your face and give little kisses, purring the whole time. He also likes to play with you when the toys come out.

Marty has been very elusive since he arrived at LCCR. He hides when anybody is around and only begins to make an appearance once everyone has left or it has become very quiet. He loves Tomas very much and relies on him for confidence and security. He's a beautiful boy who will need a calm and quiet home where he can relax and let his personality shine.

Both boys are good with cats, calm dogs, and older children.

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