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Est. DoB: 2009
Energy level: Relaxed
Good with: Relaxed cats

Through no fault of their own, these sweet bonded brothers came to us as an owner surrender. These guys were rescued by a Good Samaritan when their owner was loading them up to have them both euthanized because they were old and having accidents outside of the litter box! Once LCCR got them vet care it was found that Dexter has chronic cystitis and a thyroid condition. These conditions are easily treated with daily medications and luckily this guy takes his medicine super easily. These senior boys truly need their forever home so they can live out their lives with unconditional love!

Morgan and Dexter are incredibly sweet, even though they have been through a lot, they are gorgeous part-Siamese with blue eyes and wonderful colours. Morgan is a mix of brown and white, while Dexter is mostly white with brown markings on his head and back end. They are quiet and love little tents and huts.

They are both approachable if you go slow and don't make sudden movements. Morgan seems to enjoy pets more than Dexter. They are both vultures when it comes to feeding time! They are the first in the house to let you know if you are late for breakfast or dinner. They will climb into the sink to lick the empty cans rather than eat out of the dish right beside them and then they'll go and sample every plate in the house. Once they have full bellies, they like to snooze near each other, often on the same cat tree in a quiet corner. Dexter especially likes to sit by the window. They get along well with all the other cats but tend to keep to themselves. They are just a couple of seniors boys looking for a sun spot to sleep in. They are not usually vocal, but Dexter has a deep meow that always takes volunteers by surprise. These two have become favourites with the volunteers because of how kind, and loving they are!

If you could give these two handsome boys a quiet home with some comfy sun spots to sleep in they would be so grateful. Please fill out an adoption application or contact LCCR for more information!

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