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est DoB: January 2021
energy level: active
good with: cats

est DoB: 02 June 2022
energy level: active - kitten
good with: cats, children

Mama Swirl came into the LCCR dirty and skinny. Her face was raw and her right ear was damaged from frostbite. But five days later she gave birth to three adorable kittens. Sadly all three were very sick and despite best efforts, two of them soon crossed the rainbow bridge. She always stayed near by her babies and took good care of them. And now she and her daughter Pecan are ready to find their forever home together.

During the day these two ladies are often seen doing things on their own, unless it's time to eat. But in the evening, their bond shines. Pecan looks to her mama for guidance and follows her around at bedtime. Swirl still bathes her baby and they sleep together every night.

Swirl is still learning to trust people. She is a tiny little thing, sure footed and confident, as long as no one is looking. She gets along with other cats and enjoys being outside. She is often found watching the other cats or the volunteers with wide observant eyes. She is playful and enjoys wand toys.

Pecan is a friendly, adorable little girl with lots of energy. She gets along with other cats, big and small, and enjoys playing with children. She's full of energy and loves to chase toys. But she also enjoys a good pet and a snooze in the sun.

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