est DoB:  15 April 2020 2020 
good with: people and other cats 
activity level: playful / average relaxed

Boubacar was being fed by LCCR’s founder and when she had to move permanently to Edmonton, she wanted to make sure he was trapped and safe.
Boubacar came in with two of his friends/brothers, Daniel and Habib, who are still coming out of their shells.


This stunning boy has come a long way since coming to us...  to say he was feral is an understatement!  He was absolutely terrified and hid for months, but slowly Boubacar started trusting humans and has turned into a sweet, playful, loving cat. 


Boubacar is the most gorgeous, fluffy, silky boy and while he is a little shy with fast movement, once he is comfortable he is a sweetheart! He is very playful and inquisitive and follows volunteers around to chase the broom while they sweep!


He is looking for his forever home and would do best in a home with other pets, and either a single person or a family with children.

Boubacar 05.jpg