est. DoB: November 2019
activity level: relaxed
good with: cats

BROGAN: When this beautiful blue-grey boy came to LCCR, his brother (Johnny) and sister (Junebug - adopted) had already been living the rescue life for six months. Our trapper tracked him down by the railroad tracks on the north side of Lethbridge. Despite being feral, a lady nearby had been feeding him and his siblings for two or three years and had even built them a heated shelter. Unfortunately, feral life is full of downsides, like late night fisticuffs with tomcats. Brogan had damage to an eye and ear when he came to us, but wasn't aggressive, and he even let our trapper give him a gentle head rub. Brogan has adjusted well to living indoors, and acts cool and aloof to hide that he's really just a shy boy.

JOHNNY: This sweet beautiful boy was a wild one when he first came to LCCR. He was a fierce and loyal boy who protected his sister and hunted for the both of them for at least two years. Since then he has come a long way. He is shy a lot of the time but he doesn't hide when people come around. He has become a lot more brave and loves some good bum scratches from anyone who is patient, moves slowly and gets down on his level. Once he knows you're down for a good time he just melts and will even roll over for some belly rubs. He may even treat you to his velociraptor purr!


Brogan (above) and Johnny (below)