4 males, 1 female

est DoB: 20 August 2021 

good with: children, dogs, probably other cats

activity level: active-kitten

These kittens had a rough start - found in Burdett and their mom was found deceased in an alley.  All kittens are well-adjusted, easy going, and affectionnate despite their tough start. 

BRONTE - male
This boy started as the runt and is now the biggest of the litter! He is loyal and loveable, and likes to watch his foster mom’s every move.  Bronte is very affectionate and comes to you when he wants snuggles. 

This handsome boy has the most distinct markings and is super chatty (even in his sleep)! He may not always enjoy being picked up, but his favourite thing is to sit on your lap to snuggle as soon as you sit down! 


POE - male
This chatty and loveable kitten is the smallest of the bunch. He loves adventure and to climb - he will even climb up you to sit on your shoulder. He is affectionate and playful with his siblings. 

TENNYSON - female
Tennyson is sweet, feisty little lady. She is the only female of the litter so she’s learned to keep her brothers in line! She is very playful and silly at times, but other times all she wants is snuggles.

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