DOB: 11 January 2021

activity level: active - kitten

good with: cats, dogs, children


Hi! My name is Caicos!

I was rescued when I was just over a week old. I was born on a feed lot and my mom Ocean tried her best to take good care of me and my sisters: Belize, Haiti, Lucia, and Nassau. I was cold and a little malnourished, just like my sisters, but we got stronger each day once we were rescued.  


After I got rescued, I had a hard time leaving my mom's side and she nursed me until I was 12 weeks. I was just a little nervous and scared of everything, and I really love my mom.  I was more of the watching type and stayed close to her.  My sisters have helped me learn and socialize so much! My foster mom is so proud that I did it on my terms and now I play and wrestle with my sisters.  She let me take my time and said there is nothing to fear, and she was right! I also enjoy laying in the sun and people watching.


I enjoy sleeping anywhere on the bed, as long as my human is in it! I'm a little shadow who will follow you around and wait for you to get out of the shower! I'm an inquisitive girl who likes to know what you are doing and what you are up to, and will let out a little itty-bitty meow to say "Hi" when I see you.


I would like to be adopted with one of my siblings, or my mom, because I sleep with them every night and play with them and they just make me feel comfortable.


I can adapt because I know there is nothing to fear.