Both Carrots and October were rehabilitated and domesticated in the same foster home. Through this journey they formed a friendship while they learned about humans – both were very shy and scared, but slowly overcame that together. October grooms Carrots, and they both chase and play with each other. Are you Carrots and October’s person(s)? Please apply if you think you are.


Est. DOB: June 2021

Sex: Male (neutered)

Good with: Children, cats, and dogs

Meet the boy who rescued himself! While our trapper was trying to rescue a feral tom boy that she had been trying to help for awhile, this little guy came out of no where and beat him into the trap! He was only 4-5 months old at the time. He was emaciated, with bad ear mites, and a belly full of worms, rocks, bird seed... His life changed forever the night he chose to go into that trap!

Our trapper took him home and started caring for him. He was feral and had never had any contact or interaction with humans, so the journey of rehabilitating him began.

He is a shy boy at first, but once you earn his trust and he is comfortable with you, he becomes a big gushy love bug. He uses his paws to tell you he wants more pets and to communicate with you. And he will let you know he is enjoying your touch by flopping down on the ground or rolling over to expose his belly for more. He has the quirkiest, cutest little head tilt ever when you say something interesting to him or show him toys. It’s like he is sincerely interested in all you are saying, and trying to figure things out.

Carrots enjoys his day sleeping in his comfort spots. He loves blankets and being tucked safely under them. If you are the type who makes your bed every morning, don’t be alarmed to see a random “carrot lump” underneath from time to time – he can sleep for hours under there. Carrots also enjoys rubbing against your legs – especially if you are anywhere in the bathroom – and will always come from his comfort spot at the shake of the Temptations.


Est DOB: August 2021

Sex: Male (neutered)

Good with: Children, cats, and dogs

October was rescued as a kitten with his mom and siblings. His mother kept him close at all times which means he was the last of the family to domesticate. He was so very scared and shy.

His mom and sisters all found wonderful loving homes, and he continued his journey learning that humans were actually pretty cool, and they learned he is even cooler!

October will give any meercat a run for the money – he is a pro at sitting/standing on his back legs! He often sits like this for treats or when he is playing, and he looks absolutely adorable doing it. Ohhh and does he love his Temptations! He will sit like that at the beginning, waiting patiently, and if he doesn’t receive it in a timely manner, he will stand up and gently tap you with his paw and let out the softest, gentlest, little meow.

Once October trusts you, he loves head rubs, and really any pets for that matter. He’s the type of cat, that if you walk by him, he will flop over dramatically, roll and wait for some pets. He is also the greatest gymnast on the cat tree, ever! It’s like watching the pommel horse gymnasts in the Olympics, but it’s far better because he is a cat!! He is agile and fast, and creative as can be. October is a super sweet cat, and is often found sleeping with the dogs or his other cat buddies.