All 3 are male, good with other cats (especially each other!), and relaxed

Although not related, these three have formed a bond like no other!  While we would love all 3 to be adopted together, Spots may be adopted individually, but Caymen would truly need to stay with Scorch.


There are reduced adoption fees for both pairs, as well as this amazing "throuple".

CAYMEN (tabby)

est DoB: August 2019

Our "Robert DeNiro" boy Caymen has a squinty expression, but he's a sweetheart underneath the tough look!

Caymen was dropped off at a farm and eventually trapped by the farm owner. Caymen injured himself in the trap and suffered a bad scrape on his head and broken nails.  This poor boy came to LCCR in pretty rough condition, but he fully recovered from his wounds.

Caymen was very shy at first, but has come a long way and has become a popular boy at the intake amongst the cats and volunteers!  He made fast friends with two other intake kitties Spots and Scorch ("the three muskateers") and is accepting of love and pets from the volunteers.  His big purr can't hide how he feels.



SCORCH  (orange/white)

est DoB: May 2016

Scorch was found as a stray by a nice family that was giving him shelter and food.  They noticed he was injured and contacted us so he could get the help he needed.  He had wounds to his ear that required a few stitches, but he's healed well and is healthy.

Scorch is an absolutely gorgeous creamsicle fluff ball!  He is friendly and loves to play, cuddle, and groom his two best friends in the house - Caymen and Spots!

He loves attention and pets, gets along well with other cats, and makes friends easily!


est DoB: April 2019

Spots hails from Stirling where he was part of a colony being fed by a kind woman.  One day he showed up a little dirtier than usual, limping, and with wounds on his front and hind legs.  Life on the streets just wasn’t for him.
One month later, he was all healed up and living the good life at our intake house.  
Spots has become quite affectionate and enjoys attention from the volunteers, but especially his buddies Caymen and Scorch!

Cayment Scorch Spots 02.jpg