male & female

est DoB: June 2015

good with: cats

energy level: average

Tag is FeLeuk positive - click here for information about this virus

Cedric and Tag were found as 6 week old kittens at the Gilbert Patterson playground in July 2015. They are shy cats that would do very well in a quiet home where they can bond with 1 or 2 people.

Cedric is a gentle boy who loves pets and his head being scratched, he will rub up against you to return the love. He loves to play with toy springs, he will bat them around and then once he has 'caught' the toy he will carry it around the house! 


Tag is a sweet girl who loves to be pet and get chin and ear rubs.  She will strut her stuff with her medium-length, silky soft black hair.  She also loves to play once all the other cats have gone to sleep and will pounce after her toys when she thinks nobody is looking. 

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