est DoB: 15 Oct 2015

good with: cats, small dogs

energy level: average


Celestia was found on the west side of Lethbridge in early August 2020 and had six kittens three weeks later:  Adhara, Astra, Draco, Nash, Nova, and Rigel.  She also had two older kittens from a previous litter, Reggie and Veronica who are also under our care. She is a great mom and takes good care of her kittens.

Celestia is starting to play! She likes to climb the cat tree, play with her kittens and her foster brother, and even has a favorite toy. 

Although she still hides when visitors come, she is getting more comfortable around humans, sleeping beside her foster mom on the nightstand and on her bed during the day.  Celestia will need time and patience to become fully comfortable around people.

Celestia 1.jpg