est DoB: 15 Oct 2015

good with: cats, small dogs

energy level: average


Celestia was found on the west side of Lethbridge in early August 2020 and had six kittens three weeks later:  Adhara, Astra, Draco, Nash, Nova, and Rigel.  She also had two older kittens from a previous litter, Reggie & Veronica who are also under our care. 

Celestia enjoys other cats and playtime - she even has a favourite toy! She likes to climb tcat trees where she can see all of her kingdom. 

This pretty girl loves to sleep with her foster mom at night.  While she can be a bit skittish, she loves affection and will let out a scratchly little meow when she isn't getting the attenion she wants.

Celestia 06.jpg