Chachi & Kristoff

EDOB: 2016

Gender: Male

Good with: Cats

Energy level: Relaxed

Chachi was found January, 2018 living in abandoned buildings in Vauxhall. He is a gentle giant, who loves getting head rubs and pets. He will gently push himself into your hand and roll over enjoying every second of affection. Chachi also loves getting his chest rubbed and will knead and purr the whole time. When not being loved on, Chachi is a laid back guy who likes to spend his day napping outside in the catio. He does occasionally get a burst of energy and will scoot around after a toy, once he catches the toy he will hold it in his big paws and wrestle it. Chachi loves to be the caretaker of the younger cats at the rescue, he will pull them in with his big, gentle paws and give them a good cleaning and cuddle! Although he is the kitten's keeper, Chachi's best friend in the whole world is Kristoff. Kristoff was found in Turin in March, 2018 with a badly infected eye which had started to rot and needed to be removed. It took him a few months to heal but he is now a healthy boy who has learnt how to be a indoor, cared for cat. Kristoff has a great personality; he puts on serious a serious face but he loves to play with all kinds of toys. He will chase his toy balls all over the house; galloping behind them before catching it and tossing it further. He also loves to talk and chatter to himself while he plays and investigates the house! Over his time at the rescue Kristoff has begun to trust humans and now he doesn't mind your presence. He has become confident enough in himself that he doesn't mind if you are near him or even siting on the couch beside him. If you give Kristoff a pet he will

look at you a curious look since he would much rather spend his time and love on Chachi! This unexpected duo love each other to pieces and will often be found cuddling one another. Once they wake up from their afternoon nap they start strutting around the house together, rubbing up on each other until they head to a bowl of kibbles for a snack, always choosing to share a bowl rather than having one of their own. Because of their love for each other, Chachi and Kristoff need to be adopted together. 

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