est DoB: April 2020

good with: cats

energy level: relaxed


This sweet sweet boy came to LCCR as an injured feral. A kind lady in south Lethbridge had been feeding him for over a year when one day she noticed several spots of blood where Champion usually showed up to eat. He had injuries to his face, dirty ears, eyes and paws. 

Champion was in protection mode for the first little while. He had nailed down the death glare, but our volunteer experts could tell he was really just scared and secretly was a big softy. So we started doing the work to help him transition into a calmer, happier cat. Once we started showing him that hands can give amazing pets and face rubs he began to relax and open up. 

Champion responds best when you get down on the floor with him. It helps him feel safe and is more receptive to love and affection. He would do well in a quiet home where his owner(s) can give him the patience and attention he needs to bloom into the most adorable boy!