est DoB: 2011

good with: cats

energy level: relaxed

Charley was surrendered on 27 September 2017 due to her family moving out of the country. She was born mostly blind in her left eye and in August 2018 she developed an infection in her right eye which eventually needed to be removed. But this doesn't stop Charley!  She is very independent and can move around the house, go up and down stairs, get up onto the couch, you name it... she can do it! 


Charley is the sweetest girl who absolutely loves affection and attention from her humans. Charley loves to be pet and shows her appreciation by rubbing up against you while chattering and purring the whole time. She loves to get up on the couch with you and cuddle right in! Charley loves soft blankets and most of all she loves her cat nip toys! She loves to chew and wrestle them every night before bed.


Charley doesn't mind other cats just as long as they aren't mean to her otherwise this feisty girl will put them in their place. Charley would do best in a calm environment that is tidy and where furniture won't be moved so she can orientate herself around the house. But most of all, Charley needs a home with people who will give her the love and attention she adores. ​