EDOB: 2009/2010

Gender: Male

Good with: Cats

Energy level: Average

Chevy came to the rescue in 2010 after he was left behind at a trailer park. He has been at the rescue ever since and has become a pivotal member of the intake house. Chevy has a big group of friends that he loves to be around and he loves to curl up with Amelia to sleep. He is a lovable boy with a great personality; he likes to be pet and loved on. When he is ready for attention he will rub up on your legs and look lovingly up at you. Chevy is also pretty independent and will spend most of his day relaxing around the house. Every so often Chevy will get a burst of energy and will run around the house chasing any toy he can find before settling down in a cat bed to wrestle with a toy filled with catnip and dozing off to sleep. 

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