est DoB: 2008 / 2005

good with: cats

energy level: relaxed

Chloe and Shay were adopted from LCCR many years ago to one of our volunteers who had been a part of LCCR from the very beginning. Sadly they were returned to us in June 2020 after their owner unexpectedly passed away. Chloe and Shay have been together for 12 years, and while initially scared and confused, these two have found comfort in each other, as well as their other two siblings.

Chloe is is a cautious girl who likes to watch her humans. She is coming around to letting people cuddle and pet her!

Shay is a sweet girl that wants nothing more than your attention! Shay follows you around the room to help with all the chores and to get pets from you. She can be shy to new people, but comes around very quickly.

These girls would do very well in a quiet home where they can cuddle up and be loved.

Chloe Shay.jpg

Chloe (l) and Shay (r)