Chuky & Tigger

EDOB: 2013

Gender: Female

Good with: Cats

Energy level: Relaxed

Chucky and Tigger were surrendered in June 2019 after their person passed away. These girls are the sweetest, most lovable cats! Tigger loves nothing more than to snuggle up on your lap for pets while purring and kneading. Chucky will then snuggle right up beside you to get in on the loving as well! She will even roll onto her back so you will give her fluffy belly some rubs . They are both very talkative and will inform you when they are ready for some love. Tigger is gentle and poised, while Chucky is spunky and full of personality. Chucky is very nurturing to Tigger and you will usually find them snuggled up together with Chucky cleaning Tigger from head to toe.

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