Two are male (Churro, Cilantro) and Orzo is female.  They were born in early July 2021, have normal kitten energy and are good with cats, dogs, and children.

CHURRO (top - black face w/ white ears)

CILANTRO (middle - brown tabby markings)

ORZO (bottom - black on face and ears)


Churro, Cilantro and Orzo were found in the rural area of Milk River after their mom was killed on the road - leaving them alone and fending for themselves. All three were sick with respiratory infections and Orzo’s tail was broken in two places. Once in foster, they all quickly recovered and Orzo did not let her tail injury slow her down at all.

All three love to be held and cuddled, and all have strong purrs. They enjoy climbing in the cat tree, exploring, and playing with toys. They like playing with the older foster cats in the home - they are accustomed to children and dogs, and really have no fear of meeting new people or learning new things.

Don’t let Orzo fool you... she may be the smallest, but she is just as fast and will suddenly appear whereever you are in the home. Churro is the biggest and is the little jokester... he loves to hide behind things and then jump out at your legs when you come walking by!  He will also hang from the bottom of your pants, or try to climb your leg, if you let him. Cilantro is the quietest... and he is the first one who will come snuggle and lay beside you for loves and pets. He is also usually the first to fall asleep.

Churro 02.jpg
Cilantro 01.jpg
Orzo 01.jpg